Backup diff of Bamboo Comic (No. 5)

  • The added line is THIS COLOR.
  • The deleted line is THIS COLOR.
I had no idea how to approach this before-now I'm loeckd and loaded.

*Bamboo Comicの主な仕様 [#e7396967]

*Bamboo Comicの主な特徴 [#rba5d0f2]

--Comic Studio Mini
--DELETER CGillust4.5

*Bamboo Comic関連記事 [#yefea4f7]

-ワコムのペンタブレット「Bamboo」に漫画ソフトバンドル版 (2007/11/1 ITmedia)

*Bamboo Comicラインナップ一覧 [#yc00dd7b]


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